IPhone call for vulnerabilties

Finally, last Friday the IPhone hit the market.
We witnessed thousands of Apple lovers waiting countless hours in line, ready to assault the shops to buy this year's "King of the Gears".

While shop clerks were still cashing the money from the first IPhone sales, the hacker community already started a bunch of projects aimed to bring the IPhone down to its knees.

In S. Francisco, they organized a camp where attendees "will include web designers, developers, testers, and iPhone owners--all working together, on their precious weekend, to improve the web experience for iPhone owners." Yes, we really love the wording here.

Always at the same time, other hackers decided to open apart the *just purchased* IPhone in order to let us peek at its inner circuits
In another part of the globe, other hackers posted some hints about activating the IPhone's latent features without a cellphone contract and activation process.
Meanwhile, some other hackers started to talk about potential IPhone multiple security issues, just hours after the purchase.
At the end of the day, other hackers posted a link from which apparently it is possible to download the firmware of the IPhone, directly from an Apple server.

So much of attention for this newborn baby, we certainly want to do our part.

WABISABILABI is releasing a CALL FOR SECURITY RESEARCH AND ANALYSIS based on the IPhone hardware and software platform

Security researchers from all over the world are invited to report to us the findings and eventually use our marketplace platform to find buyers for their discoveries.