Two months after...

Hello World, after the launch of our project (two months ago) we have been pretty busy attending conferences all around the planet (more to come on this, later) , meeting very interesting people, closing partnership and tuning our approach to this thrilling market.

At this point, we think we owe you a report about the current status:

twelve vulnerabilities up for bidding. Four of which pretty high-profile, with three distinct exploitable buffer overflows in the SAP front-end (more to these than meets the eye... let's just say the highest bidder is in for a big surprise), and a remote code execution flaw in ClamAV; all of which coming with reliable (albeit harmless, of course) Proof of Concept code.

Despite the naysayers, the sabotage attempts, the hostility, the marketplace is very much healthy. Healthier than ever. Almost a thousand registered users, five successful sales, twelve opened auctions online at this time, several good reviews and explicit approvals and more to come yet. Not to mention the innumerable invalid (or otherwise worthless) submissions weeded out by our team, in a never-ending dedication on quality over quantity.

We want to thanks all the people supporting our project and especially, obviously, all the researchers who are supporting the program, believing in it.

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