The babies are born!

Long time has passed since the last post in our blog. Were we sleeping?
Not really.
We were just busy in cooperating with OneShield UTM manufacturer and we were thinking that facts are better than words.
As previously announced online and through conferences, WabiSabiLabi was selected by Delemont Technology as a 0day signatures contributor for a new generation of UTM (Universal Threat Management) appliances.
You'll be able to find all the technical details here.

There are already four different models of OneShield UTM appliances, they are all ready to be deployed to defend your network and a fifth one is on its way. As you can see from the pictures below, the appliances are now a reality, thanks to the effort of Delemont Technology (located in the Venice Gateway for Science and Technology) which is the owner of the OneShield brand, the Eurotech Group, which is the hardware provider and WabiSabiLabi backed up by the private security researchers community, which will contribute to the applaince 0day signatures packs.

More details about the appliances and the security researchers rewarding scheme behind them will be disclosed at the HITB security conference (Oct. 27th - 30th - Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia), where curious people, journalists, prospect clients and distributors will be able to touch them.

Meanwhile, enjoy them in a live test installation.

For more information about the OneShield UTM appliances you are welcome to contact OneShield's Development Manager Mr. Alberto Boratto: a.boratto [at] delemont.com

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