Roberto Preatoni - Letter to the community

One year has already passed, since the moment the WSL crew started to work on the marketplace project, as it went public on July '07, but a lot of preparation work has been done since several months before.
As you well know, the marketplace gained immediately a quite impressive press coverage, splitting (as we were expecting) the security world in two: those who praised the project and those who hated it.

Generally speaking, whenever you succeed to split the world in two, it's a sign you are doing the right thing. Absolute positiveness it's usually an indication that a sort of monopoly or dictatorship is ruling the game, brainwashing the thinkers.
I already know, even this post will split the world in two.
Honestly, WSL was expecting even more criticism, at least in the beginning, thus we can't deny we are quite satisfied by what the project achieved in the last months.

But eventually WSL had a problem.
Sorry, I had a problem.

The news of my arrest broke through the press titles causing havoc among WSL and the people who started to put some trust in it.
Right, trust. That's the word without which, no project such ours could ever take off.

The case for which I was arrested it's actually a huge case and believe me, no single news agency was able to picture it completely right. Probably, nobody will ever be able to picture it completely right as it's a case involving a hundred of arrested people, the Italian Secret Services, the US Secret Services, some Italian corrupted police and financial police officers, some Italian and US investigation companies, a multi-billionaire struggle between Telecom Italia and Brasil Telecom, an extraordinary rendition (kidnapping) of a presumed Islamic terrorist, and last but not least, the suicide (but many say murder) of a Telecom Italia Security top manager. Aside this, the various attempts of the Italian government to take over the control of the Italian main telecommunication carrier.

Well, right after my arrest, I clarified my position and the Court of Freedom ruled for my release a few days after. Of course, no press coverage in this case but hey, that's the way it works. At least, next time I'll meet Kevin Mitnick at TJI Friday's I'll have something to say and not only to ask.

But the damage to WSL was done and there was nothing I could do to repair the cracks. The questions I kept asking myself in the last months were: What will happen to WSL if I will stay? Will my private life and troubles effect negatively the project? Should I keep representing publicly the project?
Several people, including security researchers mailed me addressing the same questions (thanks, Jesper) forcing me finally to take a decision.

I will stay.
I will stay and continue to put pressure to security lobbies. Things must change, researchers and their discoveries should be considered beneficial to the whole security cycle.

I'll represent WSL once again, in the next planned security conference (6-7-8 May 2008, Johannesburg - South Africa). I'll be there, you are welcome to come and kick in harsh questions related to the project, I'll try to do my best to answer to you.

One more thing. We worked hard on a partnership that we will announce soon. It'll be a surprise and it'll effect positively the marklet-place and the cash the researchers might be able to get.

Yours faithfully,

Roberto Preatoni


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Kai Roer said...

Great news! Thanks for the update!

Anonymous said...

Good to see things have cleared out - many good wishes and fingers crosed for the WSL project ;-)

Saluti dalla Slovenia - Tomaz aka. bobysolo

julia said...

bravo.roberto preatoni. I am very proud that I know the person lake jou .I wish you good luck!julia.