Addendum to :"Letter to the community"

After my recent post on this blog about the ethical dilemma that pushed me to think if I should stay or leave WSL, followed by the motivations about my decision to continue to support the project, the international press has republished excerpts of my words in the articles that followed.
Those excerpts have been in most cases interpreted correctly, I am referring to that part in my post in which I tried to describe the outlines of the big case that brought me troubles.
Specifically, with the words:

"The case for which I was arrested it's actually a huge case and believe me, no single news agency was able to picture it completely right. Probably, nobody will ever be able to picture it completely right as it's a case involving a hundred of arrested people, the Italian Secret Services, the US Secret Services, some Italian corrupted police and financial police officers, some Italian and US investigation companies, a multi-billionaire struggle between Telecom Italia and Brasil Telecom, an extraordinary rendition (kidnapping) of a presumed Islamic terrorist, and last but not least, the suicide (but many say murder) of a Telecom Italia Security top manager. Aside this, the various attempts of the Italian government to take over the control of the Italian main telecommunication carrier."

I didn't report facts known to me personally, but a short recap of the case as it was reported by the Italian press. In fact, my personal case is loosely connected to the whole, big Telecom Italia case that appeared, for nearly two years on Italian newspapers, as a case which borders are not easily identifiable.

In one specific case though, an Italian columnist of the "Il Sole 24 Ore" newspaper has interpreted my words, in the typical way of the Italian scandalistic journalism, raising suspects on the possibility that I could be the guardian of who-knows-what secrets related to the case.

No, I am not the guardian of any secret. If a was, I would have not written those words. I just reported what the Italian newspapers wrote, following the Italian investigators' findings. Within my drawers there are no secrets, on the contrary, I wish I'll be able to forget this case, which greatly damaged my personal life and professional career.

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