Partnership announcement with OneShield Security

WSL is proud to announce a partnership with OneShield Security for the production of a UTM appliance. The appliance will intergrate a 0day preemtpive engine, based on the knowledge coming from WSL's marketplace and will be based on hardware provided by Eurotech, a defense, security and aerospace hardware producer.
The partnership is already in its second-phase which means that in a few weeks the product will be available for the mass-market (projected date: June 1st 2008).

In the next two blog posts we will announce how the security researchers community will benefit out of the OneShield Security network and also another strategic partnership in the security research area.

The appliance will be bundled with an optional Managed Security Services package, and will have the following characteristics:

Network Security:

- Stateful Packet Firewall
- Demilitarized Zone (DMZ)
- Intrusion Detection
- Multiple Public IPs
- Traffic Shaping

-- VoIP/SIP support
- Malformed Packet Protection
- Portscan Detection
- DoS and DDoS Protection
- SYN/ICMP Flood Protection
- Anti-Spoofing Protection

Enterprise IDS:

- Fully Web Managed Intrusion Detection System
- Integrated with the largest Networks of 0Days Threats in the world
- Ajax Instant Log Web Interface for instant alerting of Intrusion Attempts

Web Security:

- HTTP & FTP proxies
- Anti-virus (100.000+ patterns)
- Transparent Proxy support
- Content Analisys/Filtering
- URL Blacklist
- Authentication: Local, RADIUS, LDAP, Active Directory
- NTLM Single Sign-On
- Group Based Access Control

Mail Security:

- SMTP & POP3 proxies
- Anti-spam with Bayes, Pattern, SPF, Heuristics, Black- and White-lists support
- Anti-virus (100.000+ patterns)
- Transparent Proxy support
- Spam Auto-Learning
- Transparent Mail Forwarding (BCC)
- Greylisting

VPN Concentrator:

- True SSL/TLS VPN (OpenVPN)
- Encryption: DES, 3DES, AES 128-, 192-, 256-bit
- Authentication: Pre-Shared Key, X.509, Certification Authority, Local
- PPTP Passthrough
- Native VPN Client for MS Windows, MacOSX and Linux

Hotspot Security:

- Captive Portal
- Wired/Wireless support
- Pre-/Post-paid and free Tickets
- Integrated RADIUS service
- Connection Logging
- No additional software/hardware required


- Easy Web-based Administration (SSL)
- Secure Remote SSH/SCP Access
- Serial Console
- Centralized Management through Endian Network (SSL)

High Availability:

- Multi-Node Appliance Cluster
- Hot Standby (active/passive)
- Load Balancing (active/active)
- Node Data Synchronization

WAN Failover:

- Automatic WAN Uplink Failover
- Monitoring of WAN Uplinks
- VPN Failover

Network Address Translation:

- Static NAT (Port Translation)
- One-to-One NAT
- IPSec NAT Traversal


- Static Routes
- Source Based Routing
- Destination Based Routing


- Instant Log Viewer (AJAX based)
- Detailed User Based Web Access Report
- Network/System/Performance Statistics
- Syslog (Local or Remote)

Updates and Backup:

- Centralized Updates through Oneshield Eurotech Network
- Anti-virus Definitions
- URL Blacklist Definitions
- Scheduled Automatic Backup
- Encrypted Backups via E-mail
- Instant Recovery/Backup to USB-Stick


zh said...

"will intergrate a 0day preemtpive engine, based on the knowledge coming from WSL's marketplace" ... you can't use any knowledge from your marketplace unless you bought the item yourself, right?!

zero said...

Wrong. There are 2 possibilities:

1) the researcher agreed to participate to the OneShield revenue sharing program. In this case he will benefit of a potentially never ending flow of revenues, as long as his 0day remains 0day

2) if WSL bought the 0day from the researcher, but this isn't really what we would like to do.

Anonymous said...

When is this going to start? I have several 0 days that i want to sell for good purposes and not give it to blackhats but that i don't want to sell because the offers in your market are very low. Sorry about that but is what i think. I mean you see how things sometimes are sold for a couple of hundreds of dollars. Heck i can make more money selling Ice cream on the streets or cleaning windshields. Hey we have families to feed too and a job is a job. And no we don't like to have a boss. Sorry we are not like most of the ppl out there. Understand that. And security research is very important for the security of everyone. And no, paying for research is not feeding criminals. Some of us are not criminals. Becuse somebody research for crime doesn't means we all research for crime. I would likely go with this initiative. Is after all I think fair. Regards to the wslabi team.